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The Last Days APK v0.6.34 –


One-finger controllable zombie battle survival game

Aside from the odd detail from the game’s setting, The Last Days gameplay itself is quite unusual. Not requiring many fancy things or complicated controls like many other similar themed games, The Last Days can be easily controlled with just one finger.

Let’s see how things go. At first, you appear as a friendly petite girl who even seems weak. You only have one backpack on your shoulder. But then quickly you realize that there are too many threats around, forcing you to quickly find equipment and weapons to defend yourself. You will learn how to use knives, guns and fight more and more skillfully against hordes of zombies walking everywhere.

With a deliberately designed one-finger operation from the start, you can play The Last Days in any situation including when you’re sitting on the bus, in class… The game still gets the drama necessary but you still free to do other things without too much focus. This is a pretty good point about this game.

Many ways to fight for survival, choose whichever is up to you

Play The Last Days without any constraints on gameplay. You can choose to go and kill all monsters that appear or crept, hiding behind obstacles to remain undetected to minimize exhausting confrontations.

Then even in combat, you can choose to shoot a headshot at the zombie’s head for a quick kill or kick it with your foot to slow down their movement. You can choose to fight zombies whenever you like, or choose to go into limited-time events to challenge yourself already confident enough. Besides, you can also choose to engage in combat or go around collecting lots of items and sneaking into houses on the way to search for dead bodies and collect things from them.

There aren’t any limits in this compact zombie game. It is this simple yet free-spirited gameplay that sets The Last Days apart.

Craft everything yourself

From craft ammo, to first aid kits, homemade bombs, knife sharpeners, learning leg kicks, and more, you’ll do it yourself in this game. The young girl you’re playing from the beginning doesn’t have any special skills. It is the process of facing difficulties that helps the character (and yourself) grow, master many things and master how to make different objects and weapons yourself.

This is also quite different from many zombie games you know, where the survivor is usually a veteran or veteran soldier, who can jump into a frenzy of battle right away.




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