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The story

The main character of Not Exactly A Hero is named Riley. Riley is just an ordinary person, doing the job of an agent supporting the daily activities of superheroes in the city. Whether you work with superheroes, fight villains, and help others, you’re still basically an ordinary citizen, just like everyone else.

Enter the game, delve into Riley’s relationship with superhero characters, criminals, the venerable Director who always complains, and the new employees, including the strange characters you meet in the working process. Choose to create relationships or turn your back on people, you will come to the end result of the main character yourself. Not Exactly A Hero has up to 9 different endings corresponding to the turn of the player’s decision. By playing the game over and over again, each time trying a different way of thinking, a different solution, you will enjoy the rich aftertaste of this deeply interactive game.

Decisions for relationships

Not Exactly A Hero is built on the nature of relationships. Every relationship you have with each person in the game is a source of many different consequences or results.

In Not Exactly A Hero, you will have countless encounters with all kinds of characters, all kinds of people with many strange personalities.

You have a Boss, people still call it a Director. He looks very polite on the outside, but when faced with you, he always complains about how the budget for hero activities is too low. He seems to be obsessed with figuring out how to run the Super Heroes organization better, with as much profit and as little cost as possible. So he’s constantly stressed out and spreads it over to you.

You have a new employee named Chris, who always makes you uncomfortable. Chris is the legendary lousy new employee role model that anyone who goes to work has ever faced.

You meet an Oober chauffeur with a knack for driving people crazy, a grotesque kebab guy who is often irritable.

And many more characters.

There are many relationships in this game that look that way but aren’t. Some people look cold and arrogant, but inside they are warm and kind. And of course there are many people who have the opposite personality.

Of course, in the form of an interactive novel game, you can choose to make friends or scornfully turn away from many of them. However, it takes a bit of thought because every decision in a relationship can lead to different endings in the game.

Every time playing, you feel like you are playing from the beginning

Because there are 9 endings, 3 starting points, plus 4 side characters along with 32 achievements and 48 collectible illustrations, Not Exactly A Hero is a game you can play over and over again. And every time you play, you feel like new.

Basically because the game has a lot of decisions to make, each decision is more or less contributing to push you to a different outcome. You are the main character and how things end depends on the choices on the road.

Funny superhero atmosphere

A gripping novelty adventure game, Not Exactly A Hero has all the humor you’d expect in a superhero game: comedic, light-hearted, sarcastic. Enjoying the story in the game is also enjoying the witty narration art style of the Marvel movies you usually see.

The superhero atmosphere in the game is further enhanced by the unique set of illustrations from the talented artist and the unique messenger gameplay.




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