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Monster Demolition APK MOD (Free Upgrade) v1.4.3 –


Begin the unprecedented battle of destruction

In this game, you have only one goal: control the character or vehicle to rush at the enemy strong, fast, as many times as possible to destroy them to ashes. The only way to victory in this game is to just head straight at the monster head, repeat as many times as you can to launch at the enemy, and create as many destructive “holes” as possible in their bodies.

In terms of size, you might not be as good as a snap of the monsters raging around the world. But in terms of madness, they are nothing compared to you.

Crazy but also requires a strategy

The main trick when playing Monster Demolition is Choosing the right trajectory to start the game. The right choice from the beginning and with high repetition intensity will make your cause maximum destruction to destroy the enemy in the shortest time.

Of course, with their oversized size, even if you managed to make the right trajectory and land a perfect impact on the monsters, they wouldn’t be able to fall from the first attempt. So patiently, wisely continue to attack until they crumble and completely disappear.

The next factor to success is diligently studying angles. Starting with a Logical Trajectory is fine. But then you need to have a more long-term strategy by researching possible angles to maximize the hits on the enemy’s weak points. If you want to kill monsters with the smallest number of moves, you will have to go through the stage of evaluating the flight angle and controlling the truck speed accordingly. By doing so, it maximizes the damage of collisions and can save effort for an enemy.

Monsters will have fights and resistance

When provoked and attacked by surprise, a monster will of course become angry, and confused and fight back fiercely. It does not stay there for you to continue to destroy but will launch a series of different weapons and powers to throw back at you. Huge fireballs are constantly thrown at you, lots of spikes on the road, or even landmines.

Be quick, quick, and flexible to avoid all these counterattacks. Then calm down, find yourself the fastest balance point, determine the angle and start attacking to continue the destruction journey.

What do you get each time you successfully destroy a monster?

Every time you deal damage to a monster, you will receive bonus points. Collecting enough bonus points unlocks new engines for truck upgrades. Resize the vehicle, add a rocket launcher, add a giant bomb, add armor to the vehicle for more powerful destruction… The more engines you have, the faster the probability of successful destruction is.

How’s the monster?

Monster Demolition currently has more than 52 types of terrible monsters that require different approaches and destruction methods. There are dinosaurs, king kong, legendary monsters, horror movies, ancient myths, and metamorphic superheroes.

Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will have to choose the correct trajectory and destruction angle, using different tactics to fight through each level. The ultimate goal is to wipe out, destroy all and bring peace to mankind.




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