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Microsoft Word APK v16.0.16329.20004 (Latest Version) –


Browse, read, edit any text document

The first power of Microsoft Word is here. You can through this application, open, read and browse a wide variety of text style documents with word or PDF extensions. Whoever sends the file, you can quickly open it.

Not only viewing, you can also edit, leave comments and intervene in the editing process of that document file. If the document is in PDF format, you can also convert it to word format or vice versa for more comfortable editing.

Files after editing, reading, browsing can be quickly saved as original or PDF files to the device memory, external SD memory drive or on a cloud storage account, anywhere convenient for you.

Drafting and editing text

When it comes to Microsoft Word, it is impossible to ignore its super function, which is text editing. The text here includes all kinds of documents such as cover letters, essays, resumes, planners, statistics, forms… All you need to do is edit a word, just open Microsoft Word and use, you will always get what you want.

In the process of writing and editing in Microsoft Word, there are always the presence of handy features, the editing toolbar has many utilities that support all tasks, typing, text creation and editing.

Digging into each sub-item in the main menu bar, exploring each component feature of the app, you’ll get countless ways to edit text on every element. Want to layout text, there are functional clusters of paging, segmentation, setting headings, categories. To adjust the format, you can use the functions to change color, font size and style, bold, italic, left-right, center-align or add bullets. Even small details such as number formatting, spacing, top-bottom alignment, page numbering for text can also be done easily with one touch.

Microsoft Word offers a wide variety of formatting and rich layouts so that users can quickly perform all their task requirements without having to go through intermediate operations. The neat and standard design feature also makes composing documents in Word on mobile much more comfortable.

Diverse template sources

If you do not want to compose the forms yourself, or need a more modern and fresh existing template, instead of composing your own text, you can use the Template feature in Microsoft Word. This is a collection of many different formats and forms that are pre-designed with all colors, shapes, and aesthetic styles.

You just need to choose the right category of the form type you want to use, choose your favorite from the range of available options, and start “filling in the blanks”, replacing the customizable details with your own content. In just a moment, a sophisticated, quality text file with both visual and content quality is quickly available, without spending too much effort on searching, designing and editing the format.

A series of tasks after completing text editing

Microsoft Word provides full support for composing documents. When composing documents, the application promptly provides error-checking and automatic spell-checking. All languages are well supported. Spelling errors will be highlighted below and displayed as soon as you have completed a new word. From here you can correct the error immediately without missing a second.

Once you’re done editing and editing, you’ll use the Quick Archive and Share section in Microsoft Word to put the finished file in the right place. You can save it right on the device, in the folder you specify, you can also choose to share the file with your co-workers via cloud storage or send the attached file via email. If the person to be received is using an online chat application, you can also share directly and instantly.

If there is a situation where you need to preserve the formatting and all of the information inside of an original text file, you should choose to export the file as a PDF, and then share it quickly in one of the ways above.

Is teamwork on Microsoft Word convenient?

Microsoft Word supports teamwork through Office Suite. You can get all documents shared by team members here, then go directly to each file to edit and add content according to permissions. Other users in the group will receive all feedback, changes to the file from you, instantly, without delay or error.




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