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How to Change Your Android IMEI Using an IMEI Changer Apk

 IMEI Changer modifies the IMEI number of Android smartphones and tablets. International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers identify a given device, verifying the device’s ability to access a wireless network. Currently, each smartphone and tablet features an unique IMEI number. Wireless companies can whitelist or blacklist IMEI numbers to regulate their access to a particular network. Most companies blacklist numbers associated with stolen phones to make them useless on a given network.

IMEI Numbers Can Cause Headaches For Android Device Owners

Nonetheless, other situations arise where a given IMEI number is erroneously blacklisted. Companies use IMEI numbers for a handful of other purposes as well. Regular users can’t change the number associated with their Android device by default. Luckily, IMEI Changer makes this all possible with a straightforward process. Users can customize the IMEI number associated with their device. A randomizer feature is included to create new IMEI numbers without having to think too much about things.

Rooting and Installation of Xposed Required

Before getting started, users need to root their Android device and install Xposed. IMEI Changer won’t do anything without a rooted device running the Xposed kernel. Rooting a device and installing Xposed comes with certain risks, so users should exercise caution here. At that point, a user will install IMEI Changer and launch the application on their Android device. Changing the IMEI number for that device is then a few screen taps away, and the process couldn’t be more simple here.

Inconsistent Results On Multiple Devices

IMEI Changer tends to work on Android devices running older versions of the operating system. On newer OS versions, the app tends to crash without modifying the IMEI number. Results are mixed with the app while testing on multiple devices. Some devices successfully receive a new IMEI number, and others throw error codes without a change. It’s unreasonable to expect the app to work on every Android device. Still, users may be disappointed to find that their device is incompatible with the app.

Is IMEI Changer Worth The Time and Effort Required To Use It?

In certain situations, IMEI Changer is an incredible app providing a valuable service. The average Android device owner will never need the app, though. A variety of apps claim to let users change IMEI numbers, and most of them simply don’t work. For better or worse, IMEI Changer works here and there without consistency. Users that absolutely need a new IMEI number should consider this program. All others should consider passing on this app and finding a better solution for their current problems.

How to Change Your Android IMEI Using an IMEI Changer Apk

I. Introduction

A. Definition of IMEI

B. Reasons for Changing IMEI

II. How to Change Your Android IMEI

A. Download an IMEI Changer Apk

B. Install the Apk

C. Enter the New IMEI Number

D. Confirm the Change

III. Benefits of Changing Your IMEI

A. Improved Security

B. Improved Network Performance

C. Improved Battery Life

IV. Conclusion

A. Summary of Steps

B. Benefits of Changing IMEI


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