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How To Automatically Record Phone Calls On Android? – Cube ACR Call Recorder App

 Two ways on how you can Record phone calls Automatically the first solution and Providing works on any Android phone and it involves installing an app on your phone you cannot do it Without an app so go on Play Store and look for this app it’s called call Recorder cube ACR and install it one thing very useful about this app is that not only it lets you Record incoming and Outgoing phone Calls but you can also Record calls made over voice over IP such as Skype LIBOR or Whatsapp Conversations apart from Permissions to storage Microphone Phone and contacts the app also needs overlay Permission to display its control widget on screen you will also need to enable the cube is your app connector to Enable it you’ll need to go under accessibility settings and then under Downloaded services look for a cube ACR app connector once you find it you need to enable it and you’re good the last step is for you to add cube to order start because if your phone restarts the app is not Running and you will not be recording any phone Calls so make sure you add cube to auto Start as well you might need to disable built in battery optimizations as well because Otherwise the app will not work properly another useful feature about the app is that it can help you remember where you

Record Your Calls Automatically

 Received or made calls if you enable it you’ll need to give access to your device location With that being done we’re good to go now let’s try to make a phone call and see how it works so I’m just gonna make a quick phone call to my voicemail number and see if it gets recordeda so I made two quick phone calls one was only for seconds one was only 10 seconds to test it out let’s see how it Worked out there was a little bit of noise in the Conversation however I could still Clearly understand what was being talked about in case you’re Having nose issues but you’ll need to do is go under recording settings and when you’re there you’ll need to adjust the phone calls clarity improvement they do have another mode as well which is force in communication Mode and it Only works on Android cue devices on which it improves phone call recording now if you want to stop your calls from being Recorded automatically you just need to go into the settings panel and look for enable recording just switch it off the Second solution I’m providing will only work on some Phones and you can try it out which is you go into your dialer and then under call settings you’ll find an option called call recording to select it and then look for an Option called record calls automatically and all you have to do is just enable it to record your calls and automatically now this is a Pretty easy step but as I mentioned this feature might not be available on all phones now you can decide which call recording solution you should be Using depending on your requirements the First solution I mentioned which uses cube is your app is actually very good not only it records phone calls but it also has the Advantage of recording calls made over voice over IP so Whether it’s Skype Whatsapp Facebook you can use it this is not possible with the inbuilt dialer app Functionality which only Records your Phone calls if you run into any kind of issues Do let me know to comment if you found Another solution that works do let me know as well thank you 


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