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Growtopia APK v4.21 –


A sandbox world where everyone is a hero

Growtopia has successfully created a legendary colorful MMO world based on an attractive 2D sandbox platform. In that world, every player is a hero. And the hero can be anyone: a magician, a doctor, an adventurer, a celebrity, or even a superhero.

Growtopia currently owns a community of millions of players from different platforms. That means a vast world of the game, there exist millions of characters of all shapes, sizes, and different personalities roaming around every day to explore, adventure, and fight together.

The world of Growtopia is not only beautiful and rich in characters but also contains thousands of unique items. If you exploit them for the right purpose, in the right way with a real construction strategy, you can build a world of your own, with a personal impression. This is also a typical feature of a sandbox game.

Build, create context, and do everything you like

When playing Growtopia, any player can freely create ideas, design, and build everything they want. Starting from the first bricks, the first resource, step by step you will build your own house, castle, or dungeon. If you want a skyscraper, some great work of art, or an entire space station, you can do all of it. Using everything you have, using your extraordinary creativity and top-notch design ability, you will create a land and territory of your own.

Even if you want, you are completely capable of writing a story for the newly created setting, including beautiful cutscenes. Be a knight to eliminate tyranny, a hero with a shining sword to destroy monsters to rescue the princess, or a proud adventurer riding a dragon flying everywhere. Any idea can come true in Growtopia. It can be said that the only limit in this game is the creativity of each player.

Play for a long time

The publisher’s commitment is to always maintain the freshness of the game, ensuring that both old and new players always find it attractive. Every month Growtopia has new content, with new tools or resources added.

Growtopia also supports cross-play so that no matter on any device, you can continue your unfinished project or continue your game. From here, you can also play with friends anytime, anywhere on many devices: a mobile, tablet, or even computer.

Thousands of mini-games are waiting

Growtopia not only encourages creativity and lets players immerse themselves in their liberal arts, but also provides a strong connection with the community by offering thousands of minigames. These minigames are distilled from the community’s own achievements. There are all kinds of games, you can choose to play the one that works best for you.

Or if you are not satisfied with the existing game, plus your creative skills, you can completely create your own new game, then share it with the community or invite others to play.

Through the process of building freedom in the world and participating in minigames, you will receive many valuable items. Growtopia allows players to freely exchange these items with other players to get more useful items for the upcoming construction. Remember, in addition to collecting what is available, you can also craft many unique items yourself. Use all crafting tools to make many cool items. You can get rich just by selling in-game items to other players.




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